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Single Process

With this service we will create an effective and efficient way to manage a single process for your company.  There are a lot of different processes we can assist with.  

Lots of companies often still use spreadsheets to track processes and we frequently convert them into a work management board in for them, which opens up a whole world of communication, integration, and automation possibilities. 

Processes we develop typically involve but may also include other apps such as Jira, Slack, Pipedrive, Salesforce, or Zendesk.

Not sure where to start?  Drop us a line below!

Our Services

Core Workflows

You probably signed up for because of how incredible is at keeping track of processes, tasks and projects. 

However, what most companies don’t realize when they sign up for this solution is the time and effort it takes to build workflows unique to your business. Using a cookie-cutter template just doesn’t work because they typically have either too much or not enough functionality for your specific workflows. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

With our “Core Workflow” service, we will be with you side by side understanding your unique processes and translating them into an optimized and yet clear workflow in your account. 

It can be for all team members to adapt to these new digital workflows. This is why we also include a side-by-side implementation period to ensure your entire team is comfortable and efficient in using what we have created together.

Our Services

Advanced Workflows

If you already have your core workflows built in but are looking to minimize manual processes that slow you down or are open to human error, then our Advanced Workflows service is what will take things to the next level for your company.

Whether you need to refine and automate existing workflows, add workflows for new teams or departments, or integrate 3rd party platforms with your account, we have the skill and experience needed to make this happen – without interruptions.

Our experienced team of engineers will build out these advanced workflows, meeting periodically with key decision makers for transparency and accuracy.  However, this backend “construction” will be unnoticed by your day-to-day team until it is time for them to train and learn how to leverage the new improvements.  

This method of execution is like getting a home remodeled but without seeing or experiencing the chaos of construction, then on schedule just magically enjoying your newly remodeled home!

This is just another great benefit to working with an experienced team like Digital Efficiency Architects.  

Our Services

App Integrations

If you’re finding that there are too many instances where your teams need to manually input data from one piece of sofware into or vise-versa, then it’s time to implement an app (3rd party software) integration.

App integrations improve precision and efficiency in how your company operates.  Simply put, these integrations save time, improve communication, and help to minimize mistakes – making your team look more professional to your clients.

These integrations can be a delicate process, but we will set up and customize any native integration that provides so you can relax knowing it will be done properly.  

But what if the native integrations don’t quite do what you need?  This sometimes happens and the good news is this does not mean you are out of luck!  If supported by the 3rd party application, we can implement more customized integrations using an API (Application Programming Interface) to get the workflow that your company needs. 

Our Services

Training & Onboarding

Have you purchased but your team doesn’t know how to use it yet?  No problem!

We can provide interactive training or onboarding sessions for individuals, teams, or departments as needed.  

But what if you frequently onboard new talent?  You won’t want to pay for training sessions every time this happens and having someone different show them the ropes each time is likely to have mixed results. You want each new member to get the same, accurate training as the rest of your team.  We can help with that too!

We can build fully branded training videos optimized for an e-learning experience.  This way everyone operates as a capable component to your team.

But what if they move to a new role and are a little rusty in an area they haven’t used in a while? No problem! Any employee can easily refer back to your training media library to brush up with ease!